About Us

We offers high quality solutions for urban service activities such as the collection, transportation, treatment and elimination of solid urban waste, street cleaning, sewer system maintenance, park and garden maintenance, museum and zoo maintenance, treatment and elimination of industrial waste, full-service water management, urban furniture, vehicular pollution emission inspection and city parking management.

Urban Solid Waste management offers wide range of opportunities. We work closely with global leaders in our Urban Solid Waste Management projects. We offer full service solutions based on a material circular flow model.

Under the Water Management, Pillar offers solutions for every area related with full-service water management. Its focus areas of activity are:

  • Management of public water services.
  • Solutions for water use in industry.
  • Design and construction of water treatment plants.
  • Maintenance and operation of infrastructures for associations representing the joint interests of irrigators.
  • Water infrastructure concessions.

Managing Car Parking in Urban centers is a challenge to many municipal corporations. Pillar offers automated parking solutions both for off-road and on-road parking. It is building multi storied parking plazas in cities to cater growing demand of car parking. 

We undertake managing private and public museums, parks and zoo. Pillar work on a stand alone as well as on a Private Public Partnership (PPP) model in its business areas. 

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